Indivuduals can contact us directly for an appointment or inquiry.

Referrals are also take from physicians and health specialists and Veterans Affairs Canada.

There are many individuals & families that Dr. Neil has had the pleasure to meet and assist privately and confidentially over his 36 years of practice

Previous Corporate / Community Clients

- The B.C. Human Rights Commission
- The Gov. of Alberta Child & Youth Advocate
- Touchstone Family Services, Richmond, B.C.
- The Bank of Montreal
- The Canadian Hospital Assoc.
- Two B.C. hospitals
- Family Services, Vancouver
- Edmonton Teachers Assoc.
- Strathcona County Teachers Assoc.
- Alberta Health Services
- The Canadian Hospice Assoc.
- The Tourettes Fnd., Canada, Edmoton Chapt.
- Several parent –support groups





As a contributing author and as editor of this book, Dr. Neil used H.P. images and role models with his Harry Potter Therapy approach.


All Treatment Services are strictly confidential and provided in a caring and compassionate manner. The only limits to this are those required by law.

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