About Neil Mulholland

DR. J. NEIL MULHOLLAND Is a Senior Psychologist at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, in Child and Family Psychiatry. He is also an Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, College of Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada

Dr. Mulholland also has a private practice in Sherwood Park, where he serves elders, adults, teens and children.

His training and expertise are in the areas of: Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy and EMDR.

Dr. Mulholland often supervises and trains Psychiatry Residents and Graduate Students at the U. of A. He also supervises Provisional Psychologists for the College of Alberta Psychologists

When asked, he continues to give presentations and several skill-workshops to parents and professionals in health-care, education, social services, business and the community. He has appeared on both t.v. and radio, on several occasions for his expertise.

After 20 years as a Registered Psychologist in the Vancouver area, he moved to Sherwood Park, Alberta and has lived with his family there since 2000.



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